a change at johnsons kitchen


will write for exposure

The few readers of johnsons kitchen would have noticed a marked lack of new content. For that, I’m sorry.

Blogging has so far been a remarkably unrewarding experience.

The writing I love, I will always write regardless of who is there to read. Blogging however, requires an audience. And when what I write isn’t connecting to an audience and isn’t eliciting a response, I need to change my approach.

Rather than force my recipes, food philosophies, restaurant reviews down my readers throats I will look for other openings. Providing my own view on an already rampant discussion. Some may call it an opinion piece. Others may accuse me of riding on the coat tails of others.

I have so many ideas already. Some food related, others not. Some debating the most important issues going around, like gm foods, climate change, guilty mother syndrome, and the lack of ice cream in my freezer.

Any opportunity to continue to write, to practice my writing must be a good opportunity.


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  1. I responded. Sorry it wasn’t enough. Thinking about it, I realise I blog at least partially as a method of record keeping. Readers are a bonus.

    • I really appreciate your comments. Over the journey it’s been great to get your feedback on what I’ve written, and hear that others are cooking some of my recipes. For me the idea to start the blog was to try and connect with a new audience and it’s up to me to find ways to build on that audience.

  2. Too bad. I was following your blog for the food. Good luck in your new incarnation.

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