The French Shop

It’s bloody Julie.

Peering over the counter, almost lost for the cheese and terrines and pate is Julie.

14 years she’s been expressing herself at the French Shop, just at the Therry Street entrance (opposite Le’ McDonalds).

I say “expressing” because her shop is really an extension of her. Its her way of showing what food she loves, to talk about the food she loves, to eat some of the food she loves. She’s been doing it for 14 years, and she confesses that the shop is “all about her”. She loves to cook simple food with simple ingredients, and with such a massive variety of beautiful cheese to pick from she talks up Parmigiano Reggiano like it’s her favorite cheese. Is it her favorite cheese? She wouldn’t tell me.

Terrine and stuffed peppers

A bit secretive Julie.

So important to a shop like The French Shop is that it doesn’t just sell produce but a service. To do this Julie has picked staff that have the same standards as she does. They’re patient, casual, and incredibly informative. Sometimes you might wait a little longer to be served, but flash a puppy dog look and you might get a taste of something new from Normandy for your patience.

One of the helpful staff at The French Shop

Julie picked me out quickly for my tastes in cheese and I can imagine it would be similar for a lot of people. I have no idea what I want, but I know what I don’t want. Her and her staff will easily guide me (and you) to a favorite cheese or to something a little different. Cooking a cauliflower and blue soup? She’s got the perfect cheese for you. I don’t need to be an expert in cheese, that’s Julie’s job.

Just a few cheese’s that Julie will help you through

Be warned though. Starting to shop at The French Shop will lure you into their net. You’ll find yourself swinging by just to say “hi”. You’ll decide that a cheese before dinner is a great idea, you’ll want to try one of those terrines. Truffles? Made by Gary Price you’ll say? I’ll try a few. Wild rice? Never tried it, why not. Where do you get that mustard from? France? I should have guessed.

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  1. Angela

    The French Shop is on my list for my next visit to Queen Vic. I have just come back from my Sister and and her daughters place in La Blatiere in France and have fallen in love with their butter and cheeses and pates. The butter especially was awesome, so creamy and such a taste that you could just have it on a baguette on it’s own.

    • Thanks for stopping by Angela. Good butter is hard to find. I think the best we get in Melbourne that is easily accessible is from Warrnambool. There are a few shops that sell it at the market. You’ve got lunch sorted there, fresh bread and butter from the market, what else do you need?

      • Angela

        Mushroom pate, a good brie and a bottle of moscato will do me fine. Will get the brie and the pate from the French Shop and the wine Banrock Station from my local bottle shop.

  2. Great story. You had me hooked with the excerpt about a woman expressing herself and selling cheese. Sounded a bit weird, but maybe I was thinking of a different kind of expressing herself…

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