Saturday 10th of November – Another trip to the market.

What a morning.

A silent chill hangs in the air, biting at my cheeks on my Saturday walk to the market. The spring carnival season roses are out in bloom outside the Saint Mary Star of the Sea Catholic church. A wombus* toots outside the new Vietnamese restaurant and two barefoot kids rush out and pile in. Sam Greco and his muscles are setting up at Don Camillo.

Roses in bloom at the Star of the sea

Despite the early hours, the market is already busy. Yellow peppers are in season. Harry and his wife Linda are talkative, both are thankful that their kids final year exams are finished.

Early Saturday morning at the market

Our wedding anniversary is this weekend and to celebrate our honeymoon to Sri Lanka I’ve decided to try cooking a Sinhalese curry and Dahl. I make a trip into the Asian Grocery Minh Phat and pick up some fresh curry leaves and pandanus leaves. My favourite green grocer is not here today (just today, or gone forever?) so I wander the stalls looking for some good onions. I stop by The Borek Shop to pick up a spicy lamb for the missus’ breakfast. Bills Farm has a new Sardinian salami soft and packed with flavour. I can’t resist.

Fennel Salami from Bills Farm

Chicken from the The Chicken Pantry, a quick hello to Julie at The French shop. I don’t need to get anything today, but its great to drop by to say hi.

On the way back I spot a friend of Gary Price’s chatting to the cactus guy. By now it has started to warm up and the jumper comes off. Some fresh bananas, and bok choy (sparkling fresh and only 80 cents a bunch, how have I only just found this place) and I’m back wandering through the side streets and alleys of North Melbourne. Little Leveson St features some beautiful pieces of architecture.

Architecture in North Melbourne

Finally I’m home and unpacking my bags, ready for another weekend of cooking and celebration.

A selection from market day

* a large vehicle that looks like a combination of of wombat and a bus. In context; “My sister has so many kids she had to sell her car and buy a wombus”

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