Twenty and Six Espresso (North Melbourne)

There’s plenty of buzz in Nth Melbourne. People are travelling across town to brunch in our sleepy little town. They’re talking up the coffee at Auction Rooms to the extent they were rated “Best Coffee in Melbourne

Down Queensberry street is a relatively new joint called “Twenty and Six Espresso”.

The owners are interior and graphic designers. The place looks like a magazine cover. Perfectly placed crates, beautiful light fittings, chairs you would love to show off back home. A magazine cover.

The food is presented just as well. I ordered the crusted tuna steak over wasabi mash. Vibrant radish and beans littered the precious plate. I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t want to damage such a work of art.

Crusted tuna steaks on wasabi mash

And that’s where it falls down. Accessibility.

While the tuna steak was cooked perfectly and the wasabi mash had plenty of kick, as a meal it missed the mark. The ratios of tuna and mash were completely out of kilter. As a group of 4 we were directed to the large table. A table so large we couldn’t hear our friends on the other side. Mrs Johnson, having ordered soldiers and soft boiled eggs got delivered cold sourdough slices that while looked beautiful just were too difficult to eat.

Its a lot of style over substance. A bucket load of style, but to the detriment of the little things. I love the little things, we’re there to eat not to look pretty. Aren’t we?

The coffee’s are faultless,and  the service is that cool, nonchalant  friendly hipster. I wouldn’t complain to return again, however, if I have a choice, I’ll stick to my favorite on Errol st.

Rating: 16/20 (8/10 for food, 4/5 for service, 4/5 for value)
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  3. I completely agree with you, Scott. I went there 3 times during my fortnight of food exploring, and it always fell short of that “party-in-your-mouth” sensation.

  4. sorry, I meant this tuna looks great!

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