Scotch fillet

One of my treats in life is some good quality Scotch Fillets from the market, at “Sardes Quality Meats“. I don’t get them every week, because good steak isn’t cheap.

After my interview with Harry last week I picked up two Cape Grim scotch fillets for dinner.

These were a little larger than normal, I actually prefer my steak a little thinner than most. Regardless, I was drooling from the moment I took them out of their paper bag!

Now most of us know how to cook a steak, however in my many years of practise and talking to a number of great cooks and chefs, I have a few tips.

1. Makes sure your steak is at room temperature before you cook it. This means bringing it out of the fridge almost an hour before cooking it. It enables the centre of the meat to cook quickly, meaning that the outside wont over-cook while you are cooking the inside.

2. Season the meat, not the pan. A good friend Gary Price taught me this one and basically you need to rub in the olive oil, salt and pepper into the meat and not over the pan.

Season your steak well

3. A hot pan. Unfortunately, most of the time you cook a steak it will set off the smoke alarm. Its supposed to. A nice hot pan so the steak sizzles as soon as it goes on. And about the pan; if you can, use a griddle pan. Well, you don’t have to but it looks cooler and is just a little bit healthier (however, if you look at all the tasty fat in the pic above / below – healthy isn’t really what I’m about!)

Griddle pan makes everything look pretty

Now in terms of how long to cook.

Basically, for me, its touch. I prefer my steak between rare and medium rare. I don’t profess to be an expert as to where that point is, and I don’t always manage to get it exactly how I want but there are a few tricks for me.

My steak is going to be just a little soft when its done. If you hold your thumb and your second (middle finger) together and then press on your palm (below your thumb) that is what your steak should feel like (for about a medium rare). Its a little springy, certainly not firm but not too much give it in. If you want it rarer it should be softer, more well done it will be firmer. When I cook large thick rib eyes I’ll actually sear the outside in the pan and then put pan and all into the oven.

Remember that your going to let the steak rest and in which time it will continue to cook a little longer so always do it A LITTLE under what you want.

4. Rest. They say you should let your steak rest for half the amount you cook the steak for, however its more about how impatient I get. Take it out of the pan, cover with al-foil and then place a tea towel over the top. While it is resting is your time to dish up everything else.

5. Everything else? Well. I refuse to spoil my steak with gravy or tomato sauce. Plus, there is no better side to a good steak than… CHIPS!

Steak and chips

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  1. you have cooked it perfectly. I love the colour of this steak. Yum!

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