Fandango (North Melbourne)

I can queue up at Auction Rooms for hipster haircuts, “Shady Deals”, and bloody good coffee.

Or, I wander a few doors up to Fandango.

Fandango is ingenious in its simplicity. Sure, they have a range of homemade pickles and a few specialties like pancakes and french toast but everything else on the menu is just honest well treated breakfast / lunch.

I ordered poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon and basil pesto while Mrs J had the pancakes. Again.

A pile of heavenly goodness

So that’s some delicious pancakes with some stewed fruits, honey cream cheese and maple syrup. If it sounds awesome and looks magnificent it is all of those things. Happily there is too much for Mrs J to finish so I get the left overs.

I’m a poached eggs snob. Not only because I struggle to make them myself, but they’re so often stuffed up. So often over cooked to dry weird hard boiled eggs.

Poached eggs, bacon, basil pesto

Not here. The eggs were perfect, the bacon crispy (and without the rind!), the mushrooms (more like Champignons) were bitey, full of texture and flavor. The basil pesto? Actually, the basil pesto is worth the trip alone. What I would give for a big jar of their basil pesto to stir through some pasta. Its got that perfect mix of oils, salty Parmesan, fresh sweet basil leaves and bite from the pinenuts.

Its little things. A steak knife to help me get through the toasted bread, blankets in the back courtyard if its a little chilly, friendly staff that understand one latte may not be quite enough.

On the coffee, its probably its only downfall. With such lofty expectations set by the food, the coffee is good but not great. There is a lot of competition in North Melbourne.

My advise, next time your queuing for something creative for breakfast, wander up the road to Fandango. I prefer simple ingredients done perfectly.

Rating: 19/20 (10/10 for food, 5/5 for service, 4/5 for value)

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  3. That basil pesto sounds absolutely delicious. Will definitely give that a go next time I’m there. And I shall get a pot of tea and admire their tea cosies haha.

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