The Queen Vic Market

I’m blessed with living close to the Queen Vic market and its fresh fruit and veg, the beautiful meats hanging, the mountains and mountains of cheese, salami, ham, bread, the cheese…..

I shop at the market almost every weekend, normally visiting the same stores each time. These guys (and girls) have earnt my trust, they always have great produce, they know where it comes from.

Its easy to get drawn into the theory that a “market” should be cheap. Instead, I look at the Queen Vic Market as an opportunity to buy produce that you will never find at the local supermarket. Sure, you can buy some meat cheaply, but you will get what you paid for. My theory is that I’ll buy better quality, fresher produce that I can’t get anywhere else.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of my favorite stores, my butcher, my poulterer (yes, thats a word), where I find the best deli meats, the best cheese, even the best dips. I have one guy for pork, another for rump steaks and another lamb shoulders. As I pick up some of their signature specials, I’ll cook them up and share the recipes with you.

My first feature is Sardes Quality Meats.

Check out my second feature on The French Shop


Other links through to the market are;

The Queen Vic Market website – keep updated on whats happening at the market, especially their Electrolux Cooking School

Markets of Melbourne – a very supportive website, focused on raising the profile of market shopping and helping to educate and inform those of us that journey out to the Queen Vic, The Prahran, and the South Melbourne markets.

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