The Kodiak Club (Fitzroy)

So to book a table at Kodiak you ring Nath. On his mobile number. Nath is casual and cool and nothing is a stress and no worries mate, 4 people at 7.30 sounds fine.

When we get there at about 7.45, Nath isn’t stressed, he’s cooler in person, he’s friendly. He wears a white shirt and black tie. Dapper we decided.

The Kodiak Club is not a themed restaurant by any stretch, but does have a distinct nod to the North American drink, cuisine and excellent service. And when you’re taking North American bars for a spin, you take North Americans with you. Thus our group was 4.

Kodiak reputes itself as a Bourbon bar. There is a fine stock of hard to find whiskeys, as well as just as  hard to find North American beers. Like this little number, Samuel Adams Boston Lager from the largest American owned brewery. Our friends were excited. Dapper Nath continued to be friendly.

All food is ordered from the bar which is was a painless and speedy exercise. The staff followed Nath’s lead and were fantastically friendly. The easy laid back sort of friendly, not the “how nice is this weather” sort of friendly.

We had a number of suggestions from our friends, high on the list for dinner were Hush Puppies. I’ve never heard of, or seen them, but they are “cheesy cornmeal fritters”. These were delivered promptly, cheesy and corny, without the need for any jokes, except for… this one.

Hush Puppies

There were deep-fried, breaded mozzarella sticks with a napoli sauce which were delicious, however the cold napoli sauce was a bit of a miss.

Mozzarella Sticks with Napoli sauce

As well, we had a pair of pulled pork sliders and whilst the pork and cabbage worked brilliantly, it was missing a sauce which resulted in the whole meal being a bit dry.

Pulled Pork sliders

The key to the ideal american styled bar has to be their buffalo wings (which are not the small wings found just behind a buffalo’s front legs). Buffalo wings are different at each bar, however the basis is a baked chicken wing covered in a hot sauce. We were informed clearly on the rules of the best buffalo wings by our friend (for the record, that is apparently Candelight Inn, Scarsdale, NY).

Buffalo wings – Plate 2!!

For a non expert such as myself, I thought they were perfect. The sauce was hot, but certainly not too hot. The chicken was fresh, there was plenty on meat on them, and they were all cooked thoroughly. We managed to pick our way through 2 dozen and enjoyed them all. They were breaded which apparently isn’t traditional but I wasn’t complaining.

Complaints? Maybe 1 or 2. It is loud. I understand that it’s a bar but sitting down for a bar meal we shouldn’t be forced to shout to the people on the other side of the table.

Other than that, a great bar, especially those hunting for buffalo wings this side of the Pacific. Maybe even…. “The best buffalo wings in Melbourne”? Maybe.


A great spot for a few drinks and some awesome bar snacks. All was reasonably priced

Rating. 17/20 (8/10 for food, 5/5 for service, 4/5 for value)

Kodiak is on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Check the out at;

The Kodiak Club on Urbanspoon

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