Oskar (north melbourne)

So its only a matter of time before Oskar pops up here in Johnson’s Kitchen.

It’s a North Melbourne institution, and being institutionalized here in North Melbourne…. we visit regularly.

Oskar is a pizza joint. One of those thin crust, great ingredients, gourmet pizza type places. One of those places that uses “fior di latte” (which is really just mozzarella, but definitely not JUST mozzarella!)

Service is chilled and cool and friendly. They have a small, but big enough wine list (come on, it’s just a pizza joint). Pizza?

Oh yea, the pizza.

So I mentioned the thin crust pizzas. I think the highlight to Oskar is their brilliant bases. They have a pizza oven (is that wood fired? I’ve never really checked? I’ve never seen wood in the building…?) Out the back you can catch glimpses of them flinging bases down on the bench, rolling them out. They have an old school dough mixer.

Their menu features 18 pizzas (including 1 dessert pizza), with the highlights including a roast quail and pancetta pizza, a three cheese, their seasonal mushroom pizza, and the sopressa and olive pizza.

However, the number one standout is their bullboar sausage, chilli and basil pizza. People visit on a weekly basis, just for the bullboar pizza. Sometimes, those people look like me. When they don’t they look like my wife picking up the takeaway.

Bullboar sausage is, as its name suggests, a beef and pork sausage that was initially produced around the Ballarat areas during the goldrush era by  the Swiss-Italian immigrants. As well as the beef and pork, its full of spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg (almost a garam masala) as well as a wine in which garlic has been steeped.

Put those buggers on a pizza with a tomato base, add some chilli and basil and I’m there with knife and fork at the ready!

Not a bullboar pizza. A 3 cheese pizza.


For a dinner out the pricing is reasonable, but for takeaway over $30 for two small pizza’s seems a little on the steep side.

It’s worth the trip, and a great DIFFERENT pizza place to D.O.C. Give it a try I say, give it a try.

Rating: 17/20 (9/10 for food, 5/5 for service, 3/5 for value)

(Oskar is on Errol Street in North Melbourne, check them at; http://oskarpizza.com/)

And now for the link back to UrbanSpoon;  Oskar on Urbanspoon

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